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O’Leary & Sons began in 1988, with the father Mike O’Leary, and his sons, John and Tim. They continue doing business with the same principles that their father instilled in them…to guarantee each customer is completely satisfied and all work is done with the utmost professionalism.

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Since 1988, O’Leary & Sons has been a leader in the deck refinishing business, cleaning as many as 800 decks per season. Owner Tim O’Leary says he has the answer to the question almost every deck owner has “how can I maintain a beautiful deck every year without spending a fortune?” “Its simple,” says Tim, “the key to longevity is based on one very important thing…maintenance.”

O’Leary & Sons offers a unique maintenance program that enables them to retain over 85% of their customers. After the initial cleaning and restoration, this program reduces future costs for the homeowner. “The key to being able to offer affordable maintenance is to restore the deck using only the best cleaners, sealers and stains available,” says O’Leary. “By utilizing the best products and applying all coatings by hand brushing, we’re able to penetrate the wood more efficiently and effectively. This substantially extends the life of the deck treatment,” he said.

The O’Leary & Sons Maintenance Program includes a return wash and re-stain every third season, saving the homeowners as much as 30%! They are able to keep their prices down because with future visits, the deck does not need to be restored but rather just a light rinse and re-coat. Service time is reduced as well. Many times, they can restore a deck less expensively than the home owner can by doing it themselves. Often, after the equipment rental, cleaners, brighteners and sealer products, and of course, hours of tedious labor, people find they spent more by “doing it themselves” than they would have hiring a professional. O’Leary & Sons also washes and seals fences, roofs, patios and driveways.

Custom painting and general construction is also a specialty of O’Leary & Sons, from exterior house painting to Log home restoration to complete custom interior jobs, their experienced painting staff can handle all finishes with a warranty on every job.

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